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The SuperBrix's SB series makes a sharp separation of the material into 2 fractions only - usually a light one and a heavy one.


For the separation of particles with the same size, shape and similar weight. When traditional methods of separating fail, the SB table separator can be used with incredible results. There are different models in the SuperBrix Table Separator Series ranging from SB-40 up to SB-105 separating compartments per machine.

Name Model Brochure Description
TABLE SEPARATOR SB - 40 click to view or print this product brochure! Its robust construction and sturdy operation has been thoroughly tested in many agroindustrial sectors and its driving arrangement makes the machine a very efficient and reliable operation.
TABLE SEPARATOR SB - 50 click to view or print this product brochure! The SuperBrix"s unique extra-large separating compartments have been design to provide a higher capacity per compartment.
TABLE SEPARATOR SB - 60 The machine operates without the need of air, so it is more efficient in energy comsuption of any other of its kind.
TABLE SEPARATOR SB - 70 click to view or print this product brochure! It only needs three simple adjustments; The machine has three different variables to be adjusted, (1) length of stroke, (2) the speed (frequency converter) and (3) inclination (table slope) which the last two are adjustable during operation for fine performance and best results.
TABLE SEPARATOR SB - 80 click to view or print this product brochure! This advanced separation technology improves considerably the quality of the final product as it removes unwanted material such as grains without germination capacity, foreign grains, stones, unshelled material, ergots, hard grains from malt, etc.
TABLE SEPARATOR SB - 105 click to view or print this product brochure! SuperBrix table separator is one of the most efficient and cutting edge machines worldwide - helping millers to obtain better results and reduce operational costs.
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