Branscan originated over 20 years ago in image analysis of physical properties for the flour milling industry. Its consistent quality control technology is now employed on a global basis within the Flour, Semolina, Milk Powder, Plastics and Chemical industries.

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Branscan’s Powderscan range has proven its technology and is used around the world. It gives results in just over a minute and is non-destructive so the sample can be kept for reference. The specially developed algorithm and lighting system means daily calibration is not required. Live and processed images are displayed on the screen allowing the user to see the analyzed sample instantly. It is available as a laboratory or online system and has built in alarms that alert the operator if the quality drops below a given criteria.


Cropscan 1000B is a Near Infrared Transmission Analyser designed to measure protein, oil and moisture in cereal grains, oil seeds,flour meals and stock feeds. The Cropscan 1000B also includes a Test Weight measurement.



Fluoroscan F2000 technology offers a laboratory system for the measurement of Aleurone and Bran percentages in flours aswel as ascertaining the ash value. It is non-destructive and can give you results in about one minute.




GraiNit uses IR analysis to estimate in real time the chemical composition and salubrity of main cereal grains. The design of the grain sampling and analysis system has been developed to allow continuous monitoring of grain flow throughout most of the machines used in the cereal supply chain.





InNIRScan is a modular system, consisting of up to three measuring sensors: a camera for image analysis; NIR for protein and moisture analysis; a colour sensor.


InNIRScan (non contact) can measure your production process without manual sampling or laboratory tests.



PowderScan P2000 technology offers a laboratory system for the identification of impurities in slurry, gel and powder products. It is capable of scanning up to 5 separate criteria at once and has the ability to measure the number and percentage of impurities. It is non-destructive and can give you results in about 1 minute.




Branscan offers a number of trade instruments:


Falling Number - a system that measures alpha-amylase enzyme activity in grains and flour for sprout damage. This system is currently the international standard ensuring the miller optimises flour activity that guarantees the traded grain.


Dough Testing - The resistance to elongation of dough (extensibility) is and improtant parameter. The cargon dioxide amount released during fermentation, is related to the resistance to elongation. The system enable the user to combine flour with additives and determine the perfect combination required.


The Flour Testing machine is used to determine a wide variety of the bread making properties of flour. The quality of flour mainly depends on gluten quantity and quality. The resistance of the dough against the machine's mising arm depends on the flour quality at the time of mixing.


HopperScan can be used to rapidly scan 100% of granular products such as Pellets and Grains passed under its camera. The sample is then collected for batch auditing or retesting.


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